A Unicorn Dream

I walked down a path,

Leading to a land of dreams.

 Where a unicorn waited,

 Just for me.

Nibbling on grass and flowers too,

He stopped midway, looked up to me.

 Hearing the pitter-patter of my feet

And the creaking wooden ramp, extending to the sea .

He nods his head and approaches me.

 A shimmer of stardust fills the scene.

 My eyes sparkled and his did too.

 We held a gaze, upright he stood.

 A look of longing stared back at me ,

Deep in my heart I felt it too.

It was to say it’s been ages since,

 He’s waited at this path for me.

He bent his neck with subtle grace,

Letting me mount, his glowing self.

 He trotted off, while I sat astride

 Headed out, on an endless ride.


The empty beach in front of me,

Filled with the sound of hooves and singing trees.

 A setting sun filled the background sky .

 With hues of pink, orange and blue.

Far in the distance, Dolphins soared.

Jumping from the ocean to kiss the sky.
A warm breeze brushed against my feet

While Turtles scurried on the beach.

A purple sky tailed the setting sun

 As I sat there on my unicorn,

Blending into the horizon.
In my white flowy dress,

 A yellow flower in my hair

 An anklet stringed with shells.

A softening calm enwrapped my heart,

 An unexplainable peace overtook my being .

A feeling I once felt; when I dreamed fearlessly .

 Came rushing back to me.

Gazing at the shining sun,

 I saw my dream unfold.

 A dream I dreamt as a little child.

 A story that walked, this dreamland before.

My shadow disappeared as the night dawned,

The birds receded their chirpy song.

When I brushed his neck to say;

 ‘Thank you for protecting me,

 Letting me feel, so good today’.

The warm breeze now,

  Was but a cold winters breath.

As I lay back flat, on my spirit guide,

Bearing witness to the twinkling sky lights,

 Which filled the approaching dark night.

I looked around for the Night sun.

   And there it was, right above me.

 In full bloom and all its glory.

 The moon smiled back at me

 It was to say how happy he was,

 Just watching me dance away

To the music of the ocean’s waves

I shift my sight’s to the million diamonds,

 Sparkling in the night sky.

 Ensuing an urge to grab those stars

 And place them all, around my neck.

I alight my unicorn, to rest in the sand

 Gazing at the silver waves coming up to me

 Like a long lost lover, crawling back,

Touching me and running free.

‘This is where I am now,

This is where I’m meant to be.

My dream, my life, my home,

 All for me alone.’

I fall asleep, deep into the dream,

 With an undying hope that it’ll never cease.

For tonight I rest, feeling special

Knowing tomorrow will be, Magical.

A gentleman at all times must keep his place at the table.

This is nothing, but honour coinciding with my general philosophy of you can’t be the cool guy unless you’re the nice guy. Trust me, being the nice guy can be quite challenging. It often makes me feel like I’m missing out, outdated and an alienist to quite an extent. Hell yeah, it is tempting to go ahead be the playboy, the heartbreaker I’d love to be. It’s a temptation worthy of indulgence and saying so it’s evident I’m not a saint and unknowingly I might just be a part of it. Probably it’s the norm.

 Especially in the generation of today, the quality of life and relationships have dwindled, everything is too easy to let go. Where we as consumers are accustomed to the policy of use and throw with practically  all products and services made available to us. We can’t keep a car longer than 2 years, our phones barely last 6 months and everyday there’s an upgrade to what we already have. We don’t realise this but as we go, we’re piling up on things. Unknowingly, we’re also piling up a mountain of junk. Day after day, car after car, phone after phone the junk keeps piling. Where do you reckon all this junk will go?

 As I go about indulging in the search for a social life, I see this attitude of use and throw transition into our relationships. It’s practically become the general norm, the ‘trend’ to stick with. Lately, we don’t have to be sure of being in love with a person; we can go ahead try it out. If it works, it does then that’s great. If it does not, what the hell, get a move on!

 I highly doubt that this abides by the general law of nature, the ever present algorithm the universe works on. The quality of our love is questionable. The quality of exchange is diminutive. We like someone, get into their pants quite easily because no one wants to waste time and in a few months we want something better or probably something different. Basically, it’s time for an upgrade. It’s like buying a bottle of wine, we go about tasting different wines, pick a bottle we think we might like, drink it all and then look for the next best wine again. After all, too much of anything can be a deterrent eventually. For example, it’s like listening to the song Despacito on repeat. It was great the first few times but now your blood cringes if played again. Having said this, there is no definite bottle of wine we would rather to stick to. I guess we’re all just suckers for variety. Alongside an undying need to fit in eventually just to stand out. Like all things love itself is relative.

I wonder; will there be an end to satisfying our greed for something better or will we just keep piling up the garbage of empty wine bottles, broken phones and scrapped out cars? I don’t think so. This is how it is. This is where evolution has brought us and Lord knows where it’s going to take us. We can either stand out or be lost into oblivion. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest would be a fair analogy for this.

The best we can do is set a few guidelines, safeguarding the little honour we can gather. Have rules that develop into principles. It doesn’t matter what you rules are, Even if your rules states ‘I won’t ever sleep with a 5’ it’s a rule that needs to be upheld for your own sake. If we stick by our principles we could minimise the damage we cause and reduce the weight of the garbage we carry.

It is important that you state your rules/ principles to the person or people involved. That way they know what they’re getting into and you don’t have to take responsibility for any shortcomings other than your own actions.

Guilt my friend is the biggest harbinger of hurt and a lifetime down spiral, edging you into a darkness within your soul you might never overcome. Just avoid piling up on guilt, the garbage to your heart. Be open, be straightforward we can take it. The world around you is mature enough to receive it. We have changed we have evolved.

It is your own honour that is questioned when you waver from your principles.Be the gentleman who held his honour, held his seat at the Table. The gentleman no one could raise their finger at. For the gentleman may have his secrets, but they are secrets held in honor and cursed be the one that questions his integrity or defames with falsity.

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In a time for God

A sneeze brought them to their knees. In their hearts the pride that lived was now barely left to fill.

As a nation or people would collectively join hands here an entire race an entire species looked up to heaven in search of grace. For a while no sect was found powerful no clan seemed invincible. Atheist, agnostic, religious or spiritual all share an unnamed faith, stemmed from the human tendency to harbour on an undying hope.

For the first time in forever rather than hoping that tomorrow will be better, we all hoped that tomorrow wouldn’t get worst. A sudden surge in the threat of existence left the idea of God in mire. Let me clear that for you. The tendency to look up to heaven is natural and maybe most required. Whether to pass the buck or beg for change. It takes one simple prayer, ‘Oh God!’

The little that we put out, could foster a force of positivity to bring about a certain level of calm or comfort to the individual troubled heart. In a time, where an undying hope for a better tomorrow we measly cling on to has now a strengthened grip. It isn’t about God anymore. It isn’t about the idea that he/she embodies. It’s the mere faith that there is someone up there or something around us, A force we cannot reckon with and drastically fail to understand infringed by our own individual perspectives. Doubting at all times, if he is in control or not; He could still have a say.

The way things are going it is futile to wonder what brought it on. For those that still ask this question, ought to take time and look at a mirror. Yes, we fucked it up for ourselves, letting ourselves take significant steps to an impending ruin. Converting an environment once suitable for all beings to flourish, into perfect lab conditions for harmful death threats to persist and multiply. It is a time where those that don’t have a God, go ahead and get themselves one. For more than God we need faith. We need faith tomorrow is going to be better after all. Wait it out while you can, while adapting to the current scenario. Evolve, for that is one thing you can control.

Put it out into the universe ask of nature to receive your plea. Beg for forgiveness for the times you’ve been irresponsible about having this gift called life and this beautifully stimulated existence on our only home, Earth.

St.Patricks Cathedral Melbourne

Generation Y

Are we going through a philosophical revolution, or is it just a syncopated
pandemonium of a Chinese whisper?

Where ideas are being challenged rather than being lost as rumors in the cloud.
Fuelled by a generation, that finally found the freedom to question the integrity of the very mettle of our social construct.
Bidded In time, chased beyond the infringes of choice. The freedom to agree or disagree, rather than differentiating between good and evil.
Are we thereby enforcing a change resulting from the simple need to question, Why?


We do take chances.
How many, have we left?
An answer to a question,
I’ll know if I try.Not trying to test it,
But, I’ve run off a few.
Maybe next time,
Might be the last.A hope it provides,
To have one more.
But, like all things with life,
This too is finite.Yet we still proceed,
Asking for that, last try.
Learning it’s importance,
Once we’ve lost a life.As time progresses
And hope diminishes.
I question still,
Will I be lucky, next time.


Ask me what to do?
I’ll be as dumb as you.
Ask me what to say? No sense will come your way.

Try doing a good deed,
Somewhere plant a new seed.
Watch life slowly grow,
Learn what you can know

Talk about lessons learnt,
And stories of fingers, burnt.
Talk out! to the sadness caused,
Bring back, the way it was.

Heal those you touch,
Love those who lack much.
Listen to the stories told.
Pay heed, to whispers of old.

Look back to know where you’ve been,

Stop by to feel what you see.
Change the course of this existence,
Live life with peace and persistence.

The unheard

Throw me a bone,
I won’t dive for it.
Name me a song,
I won’t shy from it.

Give me a moment,
And I will wait.
Give me your heart,
My life, you take.

Call me a coward,
I’ll keep you from falling.
Call me a hero,
And I’ll keep you from dying.

Take away my time,
Not my sense of living.
Take away the joy,
But don’t let hurt, be building.

I can share the world,
But can’t leave it.
You can kill the bird,
But the spirit won’t feel it.

Change the words,
It Won’t change the meaning.
Still hard to love,
One that don’t need it.

Have Everything to do Everything

The crisp mountain air gushed in from my window, while I cruised amidst the shadows of the forest, in my blue Esteem. Settling in at stoner speed makes you momentarily witness a stream of emotions, built up by eventualities occurring in the past. Traveling on this road I well know since a child was a perfect initiation to remember of what had been. The memories made me yearn for company, which lacked in the empty cockpit I sat in.

Crossing the Malaprabha exiting Khanapur, I turned right, into the forest shortcut that saved me much time and distance on my fortnightly route from Belgaum to Goa. The unavoidable speed breakers slowed me down forcing me to notice this young lad waving out for a lift. Well, yes of course I’d wish it was a young lady with a pretty smile and a sweet laugh, another dream I prepare for. His sweet smile when I pulled up, snapped me straight out of my day dream. Over the din of the village road he screamed Shinoli, I screamed back Anmod. He got in anyways, I presumed it was on the way. The sound of rock music playing on the CD, masked that awkward silence that persists, when stranger meets stranger.

I couldn’t let it go on like that. My curiosity, ebbed me to question his purpose. He retorted back with one word, “Home”. Playing the safest bet I spoke in Hindi. I was glad to notice for a boy coming from a predominantly Kannada speaking region, his Hindi was text book .

Judging by his demeanor I presumed he is a student. Turned out, He was in that phase of life, when choices are just too difficult to tell. The beginning of class 12. Going on I asked him what next. That one question the best of us avoid. He was quick to reply “ Diploma in hospitality, Sir”. I just went “WOW’, intriguing him a bit. With a wide grin on my face I commended his choice. It was then we exchanged names. I wondered “ Could this conversation get anymore convenient ?”. I really couldn’t tell. Gyaneshwar was now a recipient of career advice from a bloke, who went through that roller-coaster and still vouches for it.

His eyes widened while his mind opened. Gyaneshwar now learnt of a better way of going through with his career. A new door that might open worlds for him. He bought the idea of joining IHM Goa .

I sensed in him this strong urge to be equipped. This great need to know more, see more. He spoke of the shortcomings he might face. The speed breakers on this road to living. We tried undermining the poverty of an Indian farmer while He worried about fees, expenses, stay etc etc. You could see how Money could now, stop this boy from dreaming.

There are options, just the options he wasn’t aware about. From my little know-how I suggested a few schemes Modi might have in place for dreamers like him. I urged him to give it a try. The need to be equipped, showed on his face. He was poised to take the leap. He was prepared for the jump

His home neared and I slowed down , giving him my number. Since financial support, wasn’t my forte. I preferred to impart information, guidance and motivation. He promised to text, but as I write he hasn’t texted yet.

As I drove away, he waved till he disappeared from my rear view mirror. I was happy with a feel good moment at hand. The surrounding green fields reflected on my windscreen. Frame after frame gliding down to start all over again.

I lit what was left of my last roll and puffed my thoughts away. I felt lucky at that moment, with The opportunities life offered. In my journey to choose a career. There was always a way, there was always a helping hand. But most of all there was Guidance.

Yet, striving to be equipped, I learnt to live without. That sudden urge to be equipped creeped in all over again. It reminded me of the opportunities wasted, the chances that slipped and the times I could have done something. By which, I incoherently missed out on procuring some good equipment.

As I stared into the narrowing woods ahead I realized one thing .We limit our vision to see whats beyond by measuring how far we can reach. The more fuel and supplies we gather, the longer our journey can last. Treading each step with the gathered strength, we are recipients of. The ability to complete a task comes from the efficient use of the tools we have at hand. Be it monetary, spiritual , emotional or even educational. It gives one a sense of confidence to go through with it. Self –esteem is easily crushed when you’re not equipped.

In my recollection of the conversation I just had with Gnyaneshwar. I noticed that lack of information limited his vision. Cancelling him out of knowing another option. I saw how access to information, might be a luxury to some. Letting them be ripped off by institutions that are just a minting mill, for some rich dude who barely had to earn his bread.

He had to choose what he wanted to go through with. In most situations that arise, We fail to see how a particular event can equip us. We overlook the possibilities, crippling ourselves to a mere existence. All we have to do is keep working towards it. Making sure we get through with it. Completing every level in the game of one possibility.

An uninvited speed breaker jolted me out of my mind palace. Which I so comfortably drifted into. Slamming the breaks, I hoped I’d save myself the bump. But it was too late. It’s so disappointing to find a good road riddled with breakers. But yeah, I had to be prepared for it . The eventuality of a road block or a breaker is imminent. Being prepared is another aspect. But to be prepared you’ve got to equip yourself emotionally, focusing on what will fortify your stand.

Focusing on what we don’t have makes us lose hope, courage and the ability to push forward. We distract ourselves with emotions, most times we confuse them for instincts . Pay lesser attention to that, after all its what someone else or something else makes you feel. They are within you, but not from you. Use those that make you feel good. Those that develop you. Emotions, do make us aware of our subconscious, letting us know how we feel.

I stared at my fuel gauge which read ‘near empty ’, but adhered to my calculation of reaching Mollem, where I could refuel. Calculating how much I had to spare, I realised, that just having money, lets you do so many things. Money is not an Evil, it gives you a sense of freedom to do what you’d like to. How you use it is your choice. I’d rather use it, to let me have the ability to experience. Some are a luxury, like sky diving. It’d be nice to be loaded with the cash to do so.

The swiftly passing trees made it hard for me to catch a glimpse of them one at a time. It reminded me of opportunities. Which tree to catch ? Ideally the farthest one coming your way is most likely what you see clearly. Its wise to be selective at opportune moments. All opportunities are not possibilities. Of course you can learn from your mistakes, but why waste time trying. Process what comes to you play with it in your mind. See what it leads to. Stop to stare and daydream an outcome. The picture in your head is now the closest thing to reality. If you like it, make it happen. Revisit your dream, come up with ways to change your story. Each time is, a revelation of yourself.

As I drove on I was content just doing that. I was glad I could do that . The seats hugged me as if to say ‘I’m there’. The CD stopped playing and ejected, a new groove slid in. Happy doing what I could, felt good. The feeling of being able, in all senses uplifted me, leaving a smile upon my face as I day dreamed the rest of the way.